Barbeque Products

  • Pork Shoulder- Slow smoked over hickory and fruit wood to tender, moist perfection. Perfect for sandwiches or your dinner plate.
  • Beef Brisket- Smoked low and slow for over 12 hours, over hickory and mequite wood for melt in your mouth beef like you've never had before.
  • Ribs- Large and tender, succulent spare ribs, rubbed with our own dry rub and smoked until you can suck the meat right off the bone.
  • Chicken- Whole chickens smoked over applewood until it is plump and succulent, unlike any chicken you've had before.
  • Links- Spicy hot links, beef sausage smoked till they're plump and juicy.

We also offer classic BBQ sides:

Macaroni salad • Potato salad • Coleslaw • Smoked Baked Beans

Our succulent meats are available by the pound at Long Valley Junction at Hwy 14 and 89 every Saturday starting around 9:00am till we are sold out so come early or risk missing out. We'll see you there!